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The Centurion Law Enforcement Ministry is a non-denominational, evangelical Christian outreach by, for and about law enforcement (police, deputies, investigators, probation/parole, corrections, etc.) and military personnel. TCLEM provides Bible-based support, fellowship and accountability for officers worldwide. We also seek to infuse Christian servant-leadership into our profession and equip the Christian officer to boldly share and live the Gospel.

What is a centurion?

A centurion was a “cop” in Jesus’ time.  The centurion was what Paul was describing in Romans 13:1-7.  Instead of a ballistic vest, he carried a shield and wore a breastplate.  Instead of carrying a gun, he wielded a sword.  Instead of a Kevlar helmet, he wore a steel helmet.  Instead of combat boots, he wore iron-cleated sandals.  The centurion, Cornelius is the first documented non-Jewish Christian in the Bible. (See Acts 10)  Cornelius was not the only centurion who had an amazing encounter with Jesus.  In Luke 7, we read about a centurion who came to Jesus to ask for healing for his deathly ill servant.  He displayed astounding faith and humility when he told Jesus that he did not deserve to even have Him at his house, and asked Him to just say the word and the servant would be healed.  The servant was healed and Jesus commented to the crowd, “I tell you the truth, I have not found such great faith even in Israel.” -Luke 7:9b NIV.